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The Weird Sisters NEWS

(in order of new news to old news)

  • t shirs and stuff to buy? The wait is nearly over. So keep waiting. This was a hard nut to crack. As you can see, we are but a lowly DIY music band.

  • What's the deal with Jeff? Can he read? The answer is yes. The rest of the band has banded together to teach this young man to read. Together we have surpassed our goal of 8 pages a day and raised almost enough money for reading glasses.


  • If we win a grammy, Caitlyn has agreed to eat pork. We have tried to contact Simon Cow in order to rig the election, but he just ate all our grass and shit on the rug. 


  • We have big news. We have purchased a van. She is a big blue 2008 Chevrolet Express 3500. We named her Obama after president elect barrock obama. Coming soon to a [place to play loud music] near you. 

  • The BBQ gods have spoke. They are tired of your uncommitted ass. This is a friendly reminder to reaffirm your faith in the delicious and sacred baptism sauce. 

  • Durning some recent downtime we have made it our mission to Bowflex before every band practice. That's fine if you don't believe us. You'll see. Jeff purchased the Bowflex from a young man in Hendersonville. We are now working harder than ever to make sure our music is the beefiest in the land. 

  • Last week Gabrielle chipped her tooth. It's bad. The tooth didn't fall out or anything, it got pushed right up into her head. From what we can tell, it's still in there. She won't talk and her eye is also bleeding. If there is a dentist out there willing to help please call 412-407-5136


Ooby Goobins

by Burton the Third

"I've oobed my goo for the last time. I am lost like rain water, trying to procure another shoe. For the shoe, as you knew, is the vessel for the goo that I oob. I keep it in there, true, but have since removed. Due to the canvas my goo is blue. A conclusion I have drew, from me to you, I preferred my shoe to be new."


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