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Virgos from Virginia, please leave, for you are unwelcome. Go back to Virginia, please. This is for everyone else's safety. We know of your Virginity. It's been highlighted by more than one national news source and it is OUR ONLY JOB to keep people safe. I'm not talking to you West Virginia, y'all are cool in our book.  Twas' not long ago that Jon Andrew McBride traveled 4 parsecs to our HQ in the nether regions of Vohognus 2. I myself, Alfred C. Clyde, broke bread with Jon Andrew McBride; we fell in love. We shared a kiss. I have visited the Blue Ridge Mountains, for it is where I lost my virginity. I stood atop the mountain, born again and peered fearlessly across the boarder to Virginia. I was unimpressed.  They named the shuttle the Challenger, do you know why? It was titled fairly to illustrate the disambiguation and sadness all West Virginians feel towards their constant association with Virginia. Nowadays it is a challenge that we all face. Even the Virgos are upset. My only advice is to buy a gun and stick it where the sun don't shine.

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