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                                                 Maurice enjoys a nice dip in the tub every Sunday afternoon.                                                         This is why he is a happy man, a man who earned his pleasure.                                                     Maurice survived significant trials in life. In 1984 he was                                                             accused of robbing Bill's Crab Shack for stealing melted butter.                                                    He was convinced melted butter would replace fuel in his truck                                                       and filled her up without a second thought. Moments down the                                                      highway she sputtered and stuttered to a grinding halt; the jig                                                        was up. Small men on horses surrounded him on all sides. A                                                          balding dog whimpered in the distance while the small men                                                            decided his fate- Maurice the hotdog man. No neighborhood                                                          would suffer from hunger with Maurice in town. His only job would be serving delectable dogs to the residents of Burgleville. He would not accept tips and his only rest would be between 3 and 5 am on Sunday mornings. Payment? Absolutely not. Maurice accepts payment in soggy cigarettes and warm beer ONLY. If you try to pay him in cash the man will shit in your mailbox and say it's the news. Moral of the story? Aquarius people: don't be lazy, don't mistake melted butter for fuel, and for the love of god, get a damn job. 


The Aquarium of a dedicated man. 

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