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Hello, we have released a new song called bird. To be perfectly honest this song is instrumental. That means that there is nobody singing. We sometimes record the guitars for our music in the garage. The guitars sound nice in the garage. One day we opened the garage door, and there were many birds singing in the driveway. The microphone was still setup, so we hit record. Then somebody smoked the weed. We hit record again. We then found more reasons to cough. Then Christian Northover played the drums. At a later point in time, we bribed the turkeys with wild bird seed. We tried to feed them a cbd that we found at the grocery store, for we wished to put a small cowboy hat on    at least one turkey. Unfortunately the turkey didn't eat the cbd, but we got a sweet polaroid of the turkeys. Honestly bro its kind of an impressive picture the more I look at it, there's at least 12  turkers in there, and it was one of those skinny ass weak ass polaroids.

Recorded by The Weird Sisters
Mixed by
Mike Fahey

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